Interview: Peter Coates aka @GolazoArgentino and Colorado/San Jose Preview

Joe and Sam talk about Atlanta United FC, Tata Martino’s possible departure, Ezeqiuel Barco, Miguel Almiron and Yamil Asad with the No. 1 English-language Argentine soccer journalist Peter Coates. Peter has his fingers on the pulse of Argentine soccer, and gives us background on some of the sagas we’ve seen continue in Atlanta.

Tata Martino: Lots of speculation about his future. Would the AFA want him back? Would the fans? How realistic is this?

Miguel Almiron: What is Peter’s impressions of him both while he was at Lanus and now after seeing what he's done in MLS? It's probably not surprising, but we were curious how he sees him as a player and what he thinks would be the ideal spot for him at his next club.

Ezequiel Barco: We get Peter’s opinion on his style of play and how things will go for him in his career. Peter also discusses Barco’s background from his time at Independiente.